Empresarial Bisual tiendaTienda Empresarial Bisual

BISUAL is a family business focused in production and sales of fashion jewelry and accessories in granted silver. Founded 50 years ago in Córdoba, a town of an age-old tradition in silver & goldsmith, nowadays is carried out by the second generation of the Toledo Bernal family. 

BISUAL had the capacity in changing a traditional atelier into a leader company able to produce silver fashion jewelry and accessories.

Wholesalers can buy directly in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona stores; or in the US in the Miami’s store or San Francisco (distributors).

In BISUAL you can find a vast range of rings, bracelets, earrings; all silver granted, some of them with natural stones, leather, Murano’s glass and Swarovski.

We offer our customers' fashion silver jewelry, original, creative and sometimes unique. All of them are made out of safe materials and selected with care.